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Caterer Spotlight: Premier Catering & Events

Catering is often one of the more important aspects of an event. When planning an event with food and beverage, event planners have many details to consider. Mariah Christie, Premier Catering and Events Director of Catering Sales, offered some helpful tips to consider when planning a catered event.

What tips could you give event planners when creating their event menu?

There are so many important aspects when planning any event, the menu being one of them. A couple of key components to keep in mind when choosing a menu are:

  • Consider an option for everyone; vegetarians, people with allergies, etc.
  • Keep in mind that it is not just you that will be indulging in the meal, there will be many others. Try to stay clear of very exotic options that may not be popular, even if you like them. Keep to a menu that is well like by many so you will have ‘high consumption’ items.
  • Consider ‘traditional/staple items’. In Louisiana we have a lot of traditional items in our culture. I get a lot of request for these items as guest are always expecting them. It is not necessary to offer these but it should be considered.

For someone planning a small budget event, what are some ways they could stretch their dollars?

At the end of the day, everyone has budget.  If a client is working the lower end of a budget some aspects to keep in mind are wedding size. Consider narrowing down your guest list so you have less in attendance. Next, instead of having a full bar, consider having just wine and beer. It is also important to go into the planning process with a realistic budget. This is most important because it will make you aware of cost and you will be able to be more conscious of spending which will lead to stretching dollars.

What is your most popular dish?

We provide many different options for different types of events, and I don’t believe we have one favorite dish, as our clients often have a hard time choosing because they are all “their favorite.” For weddings/social gatherings bacon wrapped shrimp, boudin egg rolls, jambalaya, spinach and artichoke dip, shrimp and Tasso pasta, smoked pulled pork, smoked sliced brisket, and prime rib are the top choices. At banquets the top picks are beef medallions, grilled pork chops with apple-honey or apricot glaze, chicken parmesan, shrimp and grits, crawfish pudding, potatoes au gratin, and back nine salad.

Keep this great advice in mind when planning you next event, and it’s sure to be a success. Premier Catering and Events is an approved caterer at the Houma-Terrebonne Civic Center.  For more catering information and to view other approved caterers, visit

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