General Policies

Rental/Setup Fee

Includes normal lighting, temperature control, standard set-up/tear down, event coordination and normal janitorial services. Additional clean up fees, if any, may be assessed.

Parking Rights/Merchandise

Parking rights and privileges, sale or distribution of any merchandise or articles requires express written approval of the Civic Center Management in advance and applicable commissions may apply.

Special Event-Occupational License

For certain events an occupational license may be required and will be charged accordingly.

Floor Plan

Major set-up changes made within 72 hours of move-in may be subject to an additional set-up charge.


A deposit of rental fees and estimated expenses are required with signed contract.


Proof of insurance is required in the form of an original certificate evidencing comprehensive liability and property damage with coverage of at least one million dollars ($1,000,000) for Hall A and/or B and five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) for Meeting Rooms 1-5, with a combined single limit on a per occurrence basis, issued by a company licensed to provide such coverage in the State of Louisiana, and naming Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government as Certificate Holder and named as Additionally Insured with a 30-day notice of cancellation.

If ALCOHOL is present at your event, you need to provide Host Liquor Liability.

Policies are subject to change without notice.

Event Security

The Houma Police Department shall provide any required security for events held at the Barry P. Bonvillain Civic Center. The minimum security required for any event shall be determined by the Civic Center’s Event Coordinator, in consultation with the Houma Police Department. Should any event desire to supplement the minimum security required with personnel from any police department commissioned in the State of Louisiana, approval must be obtained by Civic Center Management. Said approval shall be provided to the Civic Center’s Event Coordinator at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled time of the event.

Tradeshow and Event Policies


Civic Center does not ship or crate freight. Shipping requests for items shipped to Civic Center must be submitted in writing to the Event Coordinator. Civic Center will only accept shipments 48 hours prior to event. Any shipments received before the 48-hour period will be returned to originator.

Electrical Service

Electrical service will be supplied by Civic Center and is serviced from 24 fixed floor boxes with 100 amps available per box on the floor. It is the vendor’s responsibility to provide means to connect to fixed locations (maximum distance to nearest floor box is approximately 30 feet). Civic Center does not loan or rent extension cords, ladders, electric or hand tools. Promoter must supply these items for their event. Multioutlet adapters are not permitted without prior management approval. Civic Center strongly suggests that the promoter follow the recommended booth layout floor plan to maximize floor box accessibility.

Fire Code

Diagramming of displays and performance seating may require approval from the Fire Marshal prior to the event. Any variances will be at the sole discretion of the Fire Marshal. Displays or props cannot block exit corridors. Any event employing pyrotechnics, open flames, or flammable liquids/gases shall provide, upon request of the Fire Marshal, a demonstration in order to obtain approval and necessary permitting.

All events are to be inspected for !re code compliance by the Fire Marshal prior to opening to the public. Deputy Fire Marshals may be assigned to performances in order to assure continuity of compliance with Fire Prevention Codes. In the event a hazardous condition or situation is discovered, it will be brought to the attention of building management and show promoter for prompt resolution.

Motor vehicles used in a show or display shall have one battery cable disconnected and taped off, and the gas tank must be less than 1/2 full or not to exceed 10 gallons of fuel. A Fire Inspection will be required when vehicles are located in the building on display. Protective “oor covering must be placed under vehicle to catch potential oil drips, as well as matting under each time when parked on the terrazzo tile. The use of LP-Gas cylinders shall be prohibited. Non-refillable cylinders can be used where permitted by the Fire Marshal. Boats for display with fuel aboard will not be permitted within the facility.

All exhibit booths or displays shall be constructed in compliance with NFPA 703. All materials used in presentations (i.e. table coverings, curtains, staging, construction products, etc.) must be treated with fire retardant materials.

Electric, sound, telephone or communication lines must be bridged, taped down or covered with rubber mats where they cross walkways. Motor vehicles may enter the building to load or unload supplies, materials, props or equipment with prior approval of Civic Center Management. The vehicles cannot be left running and after completing the job, must be removed immediately. No vehicles shall be parked across an aisle or in front of any exit or in anyway interfere with an aisle or exit. Vehicles shall not be moved during show hours. If motor homes or recreational vehicles are part of the show, the following spacing guidelines must be adhered to: 8 ft. clearance from the back of the regular exhibit booths to the vehicle; 6 ft. clearance from the end of a vehicle to the end of another vehicle; 8 ft. clearance from the end of a vehicle to the side of another vehicle and 10 ft. clearance from the side of a vehicle to the side of another vehicle. If moving vehicles are approved to be used as part of the show in the building, a Fire Watch is required at the promoter’s expense.

Food / Beverage Cooking

No selling or distribution of food and beverage items is allowed without prior approval from Civic Center Management. 

No outside food or beverages can be brought in for personal consumption by booth vendors or dealers. 

No cooking of food involving grease-laden vapors is permitted. No food warming with fuel other than alcohol (i.e. Sterno), which will be limited to one pint per unit. Electricity is preferred. Devices shall be isolated from the public by at least 4 feet or by a barrier between the device and the public. Devices are limited to 288 square inches of cooking surface area. Devices shall be placed on noncombustible surfaces. Cooking devices shall be separated from each other by minimum distance of 2 feet horizontally. Equipment using combustible oils or solids shall have lids available for immediate use. Promoter shall provide a 20 B:C UL rated fire extinguisher for each device within the booth.


Promoter must gain approval from Civic Center Management on all vendor solicitation mailings prior to distribution for compliance and accuracy of building policies.

Promoter must arrange booth or overnight security through the Civic Center.

Floors may only be marked with an erasable product. Promoter is responsible to clean off or pull up any all markings. If tape needs to be used on the floor, only gaffers tape is permitted. Promoter will be charged any additional cleaning fees the facility deems warranted.

Promoter will be charged applicable rental fees resulting in the failure of their exhibitors to move in and out of facility within a pre-arranged time frame. It is the promoter’s responsibility to ensure that all exhibitors are aware of the Civic Center’s policies.

Civic Center will empty trash and clean common public areas. Unless arranged in advance, Civic Center will not clean booths or vacuum trade show carpet.

Civic Center will not be responsible for any articles missing, misplaced or damaged.

Helium balloons, stickers, and confetti are prohibited without prior approval from Civic Center Management. Guns, knives, pepper spray, mace, chains, martial arts weapons, laser pointers or any other type of offensive or defensive weapons are not permitted unless part of the show and approved in advance by Civic Center Management.

Other prohibited items include: Air horns, electric noise makers, balloon bouquets, & glass bottle containers. Houma-Terrebonne Civic Center Management reserves the right to prohibit other items as deemed necessary. Your advance cooperation is appreciated.

Smoking (including electronic cigarettes) is not allowed in the facility by the lessee, its employees, or attendees of lessee’s event. Outdoor designated smoking areas must be used.

No tape or tacks are allowed to be placed on any of the painted or wallpapered walls. Client is more than welcome to bring in any easel or other self-standing unit to hang their items. Only 3M removable hooks and tape are allowed on the brickwork. Your Event Coordinator must be made aware of the hanging item for it to be approved. All banners must be approved prior to hanging by the client.

The Client is responsible for ALL damages to the Houma-Terrebonne Civic Center that are created by theclient, decorations, guests, or patrons.

Policies are subject to change without notice.